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   Back Designs  


You can use many back designs to feature your banquette and booth seating. The back design can set it off as a unique interior feature, as it is the most visible part of any banquette or booth seating.





Plain Backs

A plain back gives a modern stylish look, especially good to show out a heavily patterned fabric.



Deep Fluted Backs

Deep fluted backs give a commanding look and can be used in confined spaces to

exaggerate height.

Plain-Back-1.jpg - large 
 Plain-Back-2.JPG - large






DeepFlutedBack2.JPG - large  Deep-Fluted-Back.jpg - large 




Head Roll

Backs with featuring head rolls, are great for large lounges such as in airports where people need to be comfortable.


Lumber Roll

   The lumber roll back is a great way to make a stylish banquette or booth seat more comfortable.

  Banquette2.jpg - large    Lumber-Roll.png - large       



Deep Diamond Buttoned Backs

Diamond buttoning is an age old craft of pleating fabric into diamond shapes with deep buttoning. It gives a rich stylish effect and is especially good for showing the lustre of plush fabrics and leathers.








Plain Buttoned Backs

 Plain buttoning is a great way to add a bit of interest to your banquette or booth seating without being too busy.  It helps to feature a beautiful fabric.


High Back

 High padded backs give your room a big grand feeling and provide endless possibilities for a stunning finish.



Plain-Buttoned--2.JPG - large Plain-Buttoned-1.png - large            



Shaped and Curved Backs

Shaped and curved backs blend style with tradition to add that bit of sophistication to your space.





Arm Designs



  Knightsbridge can create many different arm designs to suit your banquette and booth seating. Scroll down for ideas, however, we can build any design you dream up.  



Padded Arms

 Padded arms are comfortable, classy and give a warm look. You can pad any shape or style in any thickness of padding for a plush soft feel or a more structured look.


Boxed Arms- Unpadded

For a more commercial look a boxed arm is great. Made of timber or laminated products boxed arms can double as coffee tables and are ideal for hospitals where cleanliness is an issue.



 Padded-Arms.jpg - large                                  Boxed-Arm--Unpaded.png - large


Roll-Arm.JPG - large  



Roll Arms
Rolled arms add a timeless classic feature to any bespoke furniture. Roll arms complement diamond buttoning beautifully or add that timeless look to a more plain banquette or booth seat.




High Square Arms


Low square arms are great for continuous seating to break up plain look and provide extra comfort.



High-Square-Arm.jpg - large






Low Square Arms


Low square arms are great for continuous seating to break up plain look and provide extra comfort.



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