Mental Health Furniture

Our range of mental health furniture is manufactured here in Australia. It is light-weight and comfortable, and works well for Mental Health Units, Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and Acute Inpatient Wards. Each piece comes with a five year commercial warranty (structural) to ensure your facility will be in good nick for years. There is a vast colour range of 30 or more, with a good mix of soothing pastels through to naturals and neutrals to nurture a calming effect. The functional solid foam designs ensure comfort along with minimised risk with no sharp edges. All seams are sealed so that infection control can be kept at its peak. The exterior materials are specifically designed to be easy-cleanable within the healthcare industry, so that the product isn’t damaged and messes can be cleaned up fast and easily. The internal and external structure and materials are commercial grade. The interior foam has a 10+ year warranty and will not deteriorate even under extreme use. There is a range of mix and match modular pieces consisting of chairs, tables, beds and ottomans. Each piece is available in an outdoor friendly option. Browse our range, and please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice for your unique needs.

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  • Damian K-Safe Foam Corner Ottoman

    Solid foam ottoman suitable for mental health.
  • Dove K-Safe Foam Chair

    Solid foam chair suitable for mental heatlh.
  • Mira K-Safe Foam Ottoman

    Solid foam ottoman suitable for mental heatlh.
  • Oliver K-Safe Foam Dining Chair

    Solid foam dining chair suitable for mental heatlh.
  • Paloma K-Safe Foam Bed

    Solid foam bed suitable for mental heatlh.
  • Serene K-Safe Foam Arm Chair

    Solid foam chair suitable for mental heatlh.
  • Shanta K-Safe Foam Chair with Footrest

    Solid foam chair with footrest suitable for mental health.
  • Shiloh K-Safe Foam Dining Table

    Solid foam dining table suitable for mental heatlh.
  • Zalman K-Safe Foam Couch

    Solid foam couch suitable for mental heatlh.