Seat & Plinth Designs

The seat and plinth styles work together to complement each other. Booth and banquette seating, continuous or fixed seating, the plinth, seating design and finish can help to make a piece more practical, classy or unique. Metal plinths such as brushed aluminium and tread plate add a commercial look and are highly practical for high traffic areas, restaurants café’s or bars.


Seat DesignsButtoned Seat 

Buttoned seats add style to any fixed or continuous seating. This feature is great for lounges where there are no tables to hide the seat detail. Buttoned seats often add comfort as the seat will form a well around the button.



Buttoned-Seat-1.jpg - large

     Buttoned-Seat-2.jpg - large



Stitched Detail Seat - Seat Designs

Stich detail is a great way to jazz up a plain seat and give it that more cushioned look. Stitched sections can be added to mimic cushions, and divide up the seating space.


Stitched-Detail-Seat.jpg - large



Seat Well or Puddle - Seat Designs

Seat puddling is an age old craft that sets off a traditional style.  It is a comfortable and stylish feature that looks especially classy in antique rub off leathers. It looks great on a banquette or booth seats in an old restored pub or restaurant that needs to keep the traditional feeling.




Split Section Seats - Seat Designs

Banquette seats can be split to provide convenient movement and rearranging of the seating. This can be complemented by individual seat cushions with topstitching or double piping.


Split-Section-Seat.jpg - large



Metal Plinths - Plinth Designs

Metal plinths can be made of tread plate or brushed aluminium to form a classy but convenient practical touch to any fixed seating. It provides easy cleaning and excellent durability against kicks, scratches and scuffs.


Metal-Plinth.png - large




Padded Plinths - Plinth Designs

Padded plinths are plush and classy, a great way to feature beautiful leather or fabric. Padded plinths can be just plain to contrast with the fabric on the seat or back of any custom made seating.


  Padded-Plinth-1.jpg - large



Laminate Plinths - Plinth Designs

Laminate plinths are by far the most common. Because of the great serviceability and great range of colour choice in laminate, the options are endless.  If the plinth needs to be durable but hidden, you can match the laminate with the fabric or leather for a discrete but serviceable plinth for your banquette seat.


Laminate-Plinth.jpg - large




Wood Veneer - Plinth Designs

Wood veneer is an excellent stylish finish for a plinth. To add that expensive look, a glossy veneer wood plinth can be added to your booth seat to match flooring or wall panelling. 


Wood-Veneer-Plinth.jpg - large




Buttoned Plinths - Plinth Designs

Buttoned plinths go well with a timeless classic styled banquette seat. It compliments a rolled arm or a diamond buttoned back. It adds detail to give your seating for a more sophisticated look.


Buttoned-Plinth.jpg - large