Seat Construction


Typical breakdown of a banquette seat revealing the foam and frame.

Typical-breakdown-of1.jpg - large


Standard dimensions for fixed seating.

Standard-Dimensions-1.png - large


Sketching & Building


When a customer approaches Knightsbridge with an idea, and after detailed discussions to ascertain customers’ needs and wants, we then sketch the product. When the customers’ ideas are finalised, the sketch is then drawn into a 3D drawing so that our clients can get the feel and picture of the seating before its construction begins. The sketches and drawings include measurements and intricate detail about what finish and fabrics the banquette and booth seating is to be constructed with.


Banquette-3d-Front-E1.jpg - largeSKETCH-PHOTO-5.png - large

SKETCH-PHOTO-4.jpg - largeSKETCH-PHOTO-3.jpg - largeSKETCHPHOTO6.jpg - largeSKETCHPHOTO7.jpg - large




Knightsbridge banquette and booth frames are each individually handcrafted to a high quality using only premium timber, foam and materials. Only quality foam is used with a minimum 10year warranty. Joints are glued and screwed to obtain maximum durability and minimum movement.  Frames can be altered from basic standard measurements to accommodate comfort, practicality or visual impact e.g., high back style. Seats can be given more pitch and backs more rake for extra comfort. Seats can be webbed for a softer feel with our quality 10year guarantee webbing. 

Sketching and Planning                                                     Building                                            Completed Project

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